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Very little used, very much loved!

The previous owner decided to change it when we announced the arrival of the ME 6.0 kW. It is a real chance.

If you are interested in learning more, write to:


ME Start Edition 1.5 kW model

Year  of registration: 2017

Km traveled: 251


Autonomy 80 km,  max speed 45 km / h

Color: Matt Black


Category  L1e-B

Driving license: B / A, A2, A1 / AM with 14 years of age, 18 years to bring a passenger.

Electric motor power 1,500 W

Euro 3

Recharge in 6 hours

Battery weight 11 kg

12 months warranty

Transfer of ownership to be paid by the buyer

ME 1.5 Start Edition

VAT Included
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