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"It's style is both recognizable and exceptional, a green emblem

of a progressing Italian aesthetic rather than a nostalgic call

back to a distant heyday. "

A pencil stroke, one of those ideas that thinking about it, you just need to close your eyes and off you go.
If you see inside me, you understand that I am incredibly different.

"My task was to design an electric scooter. The challenge? Not to design an electric scooter. The result we got is a two-wheeled design object, a perfect urban jungle animal. What I like about ME is the possibility of making it really yours, you can dress it up, make it personal, unique, recognizable to everyone."

Sergio Mori, designer

Design is observing people and their behaviour and then by using intuition and instinct, translate -aesthetic, ethical and original thought – into action. 

ME is the first scooter in the world made of SMC Sheet Moulding Compound, with patented chassis.

Sheet Moulding Compound is a thermosetting material in sheets composed of glass fibres, mineral fillers, pigments and unsaturated polyester resins, obtained by inserting glass fibres cut on a layer of polyester resin.

It is not a new material in the automotive sector (car bumpers are made of SMC for example), but the idea of using it simultaneously as a supporting and covering structure was completely new. ​

ME - SMC materia prima_BN.jpg
ME - inserimento SMC pressa.jpg
ME - telaio appena stampato.jpg

We achieved this result by working on the composition of the material.

By changing the orientation and the type of glass fibre, significant variations in the chemical and physical characteristics of the finished product were achieved and consequently the required performances were strengthened according to its application as a frame.
The material had excellent feedback in terms of mechanical and chemical-physical performance, allowing a decisive element, a 40% reduction in the average frame weight compared to a traditional one.

The hot polymerisation process of the Sheet Moulding Compound allows a perfectly homogeneous and stable product to be obtained. ME was created from a different production process to the traditional one as no welding work is needed: only moulding and assembly.



Remarkable weight/performance ratio, high mechanical and thermal resistance, excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.

SMC is a recyclable material through its reuse in the cement production process in accordance with European standard WFD 2008/98/EC.

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